Retrographer has become the fastest selling plug-in in Mister Retro history and we're gaining an epic following since it's realease! Photographers and graphic designers alike have been thrilled with the results of this amazing vintage photography plug-in! Here's what they're saying:

"I bought Retrographer near the first of the month and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it! I use it for hours every day, just experimenting and learning more and having a wonderful time. It's the best plugin I ever bought. I'm astonished at how well it works! I'm trying to learn how to achieve the look of every old photo I see. So I "see" Retrographer everywhere!

I'm especially glad that you included a halftone effect. I've been searching for a good halftone plugin for years and never found anything as good as yours! With Retrographer, I'm going the other direction, making new photos look old! Retrographer has shown me that I don't need Photoshop as much as I thought, and it's just magic how well it does that."

We were thrilled with this detailed in-depth review of Retrographer from 3 Exposure:

"I asked you to STOP - Some time ago I wrote and asked you to stop making such cool stuff because I had to explain the need to people who don't understand the addiction. And here you go again. Retrographer… you're just blowing my mind, guys! Darn you people."

"I really should be studying but I've been distracted by your wonderful Photoshop filter; Retrographer. This filter has an endless amount of results and the combinations of colors, the selection of cameras, and the frames just make me want to take the entire day off and just focus on how fun this application is. You guys always make everything fun. Thank you for creating another wonderful product. It just doesn't get old with you guys!"

Check out the amazing review we got from Professional Photographer Steve Huff chock full of great examples:

"I LOVE this new Photoshop Plug-in, Retrographer, by my friends at Mister Retro!  I have never been disappointed with your products and when you introduced Retrographer I couldn't wait to download it and let the fun begin.  The only down side I could find was the amount of time I have spent playing with the 1,000+ preset settings!  It was just too much fun to experiment with the endless combinations! The results are amazing!"

"Retrographer is one awesome product and worth every dime!  I have been playing with the different settings and loving what I have discovered."

Enjoy this fantastic review from talented Pro Photographer Derek Pell:

gCaptain did an amazing job showing off Retrographer's range in their weekly column:

Plugs-and-Pixels did a wonderful feature on creating the perfect apocolyptic image using Retrographer in its recent issue #20, check it out here: