Permanent Press 2

There are multiple effects that combine to create the realistic look of genuine offset press printing and we consider the Effects settings to be the hallmark of the Permanent Press aesthetic. Each Effect control on its own is amazing but combined, they're out of this world! 


Start with our Edge Roughness control to make your edges smooth and silky or rough and tumble! Wanna make 'em even thicker? No sweat, we've got a control for that as well! 


Never heard of Edge Starve you say? Imagine a freshly inked printing press plate coming down on a sheet of paper with a mighty force to press an image. Each time the plate is lifted off the sheet, the ink is drawn back to the plate and simultaneously pools in the center and the edges of the printed image. The area between these two is left underinked and appears visually lighter sometimes referred to as the Edge Starve area. 

Permanent Press 2 lets you control not only the width of the Edge Starve but also the opacity of this area! For the first time ever you can create this authentic look with a a few sliders without spending hours recreating it! 


The Pressure Effects control the direction the plate is coming down onto the surface of the paper as well as the force. Our simple and powerful GUI controls allow you to adjust the direction the pressure is strongest. As you may expect, the ink edges will respond to changes in the direction of pressure and adjust accordingly producing a very convincing effect. 

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