Permanent Press 2

Whether you're working with a Spot or CMYK color palette, our Halftone controls can't be beat! Not only can you adjust the amount of halftone your image has, but you can adjust each ink plate individually for slick custom looks!


Rather than force halftone effects totally on or totally off, we've developed a unique way to introduce halftone effects with Halftone Amount which can be applied to a single ink plate or to all ink plates simultaniously.


Permanent Press 2 uses a classic halftone dot screen but we've included a host of fantastic halftone styles for even more artistic screened effects!

Before halftone screen effects existed, artists created tonal looks by hand using stippling techniques with ink pens or paint brushes and our Speckled halftones do this perfectly. Looking for something more Mad Men? Show off a classic 1960s rub-down screen texture by choosing from our Screened or Screen Lined tones to replace any ink plate with.


Once you have a Halftone you're happy with, it's easy to adjust the scale of the halftone! Use a small halftone scale to create a vintage printed magazine look or scale up your halftone to create a bold pop art look!


You can apply one of five classic halftone dot patterns to your image, each applying its own unique look and feel to your image. Whats more, you can even adjust the angle of each halftone ink plate to render true CMYK effects!

If you thought we saved the best effect for last, you'd be correct! 

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