Permanent Press 2

Just like a real offset printing press, we knew you'd want complete control over your ink! From its opacity and viscosity to the texture of your ink, Permanent Press 2 lets you choose the character of your ink in amazing detail!


Adjust your inks transparency to create a realistic printed look and let your paper shine through! Choose transparent inks to reveal more of the paper below or pick a more opaque ink to sit brightly on top of the paper surface.


Choose from over 35 ink textures to apply to any ink plate that you're working with. It's easy to select an ink texture from our ink texture picker or work with solid inks only.

Ink textures can be applied globally to all ink plates simultaneously or applied to each individual ink plate making it easy to combine ink texture effects or to alternate ink plates without ink textures.

We've made it easy to change the scale of the ink texture as well as the intensity of the ink texture effect depending on your preference.


Ink Viscosity refers to how wet the ink is. Wetter ink will spread and drier ink will result in less coverage. You can see below how the viscosity has been applied globally to all Ink Plates resulting in a loss of detail and an increase in overprinted Ink. On the right, we've only modified the viscosity of a single Ink Plate (Blue) while leaving the remaining Ink Plates intact.

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