Not only have we been thrilled with such amazing feedback from current and new Machine Wash Deluxe users, but here's what some top Photoshop industry folks are saying about it:

Creativebloq named Machine Wash Deluxe one of the Top 20 Photoshop Plug-ins and says "This filter brings insanely beautiful scratchy textures to your designs and images with accurate, believable weathering and aging effects. Effects include the ability to place artwork on a leather base, render onto wood with the grain visible through the artwork and rust effects. It produces especially nice effects on simple typography."

Photoshop Expert Lewis Moorehead of FlewDesigns created a fantastic tutorial and introduction video to Machine Wash Deluxe you can view here!

Photoshop Guru Derek Pell says "Machine Wash Deluxe makes designers tremble with excitement, craving its sheer power, the endless potential for astounding layouts, eye-grabbing designs, inspired retro background spasms, and abstract photo transformations."
Read his entire review here:

Frank Goad of D-MAG says "Machine Wash Deluxe has so many variations and combinations that it’s like having a room full of funhouse mirrors – you keep going because you never know what you'll see next"

Read his entire review here:

Photo Technique magazine says "The system is a robust rebuild of a great texture system that has moved to a Photoshop plug-in filter with an intricate but intuitive workflow." - Read more here

Digital Guild of Canada says "Some plug-ins are garish and lacking in subtlety, deficient in realism, and some produce the finely tuned and beautifully complex effects of Machine Wash." - Read more here

And check out more hands-on Machine Wash Deluxe examples by our friends at Plugs-n-Pixels here:

Photographers and designers alike agree Machine Wash Deluxe is a welcomed addition to their image tool arsenal and we couldn't be more pleased to help bring their work to the next level!

Download our FREE fully functioning plug-in online HERE - It comes with five FREE default textures you can apply to any image and plenty of presets for you to see every filter effect on your images with and you can add on any of our great Texture Sets at any time to expand the range of high-res results!

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