Permanent Press
Only $99.00

"I Didn't Know It Could Do THAT!?!?!" was the most common response we got to our e-mail last month about our new Machine Wash Deluxe plug-in so we felt it was a good time to shine the spotlight on our popular Permanent Press plug-in!

Since it's release it has become a fan favorite and gained somewhat of a cult following from folks desperate to create an authentic tactile vintage offset printing effect. Here are some reviews of the leading Photoshop industry experts:

It's one thing to hear from the industry pros, but it's totally another to hear from users just like you who have discovered and fallen in love with Permanent Press. Here's some great user reviews:

And we were recently blown away this month after receiving an e-mail from Pavel Fuksa, a designer from the Czech Republic who'd used Permanent Press to create an amazing music video for the pop band, the Navigators which have to see here:

See the images created for the video and more with Permanent Press by Pavel here:

Also, check out Permanent Press in action at Good Day CA project by Brandon Wise, illuminating some really inventive uses of the filter here:

In a recent order, new plug-in owner Ian writes "Even with the countless presets I've honed over the years, too much time is spent constantly creating and recreating "vintage effects" for the differing demands of each project. I should've purchased this a long time ago. There is no excuse for not saving time from here on out."

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