Let's Learn About Machine Wash Deluxe

Machine Wash Deluxe Version History

Stay Current with Machine Wash Deluxe - In order to assure you have the most updated version of the plug-in, textures and presets, the plug-in will automatically notify you of any updates and new preset releases at the top of the interface upon launch.

When the plug-in has been updated, the title in the upper left corner of the plug-in will feature an UPDATE notification. Simply click this button to launch the About Plug-in panel and access a link to download the newest updated version of the plug-in. With each plug-in update, not only will features improve, but any bugs discovered will have been fixed.

Release v2.0 (1.2.13) - Plug-in was redeveloped from scratch on enhanced rendering engine and UI platform - New features include:

  • General - Fully scalable Plug-in dialog window. New reset options on preview available. Keyboard commands for zoom ratio via Adobe products. Preset settings dramatically expanded per tab and filterable on Basic tab based on texture sets owned.

  • Wash - Wash type introduced includes Erosion, Stain, Bleach and Color options. Coverage expanded to include Hard and Soft transitional coverage effects. Wash Offset control introduced.

  • Surface - Color Picker introduced includes color tone filtering. Color controls expanded to include Intensity and Hue controls. Color tones expanded to include Highlight, Midtone and Shadow. Lighting dialog expanded with Brightness and Contrast controls.

  • Background - Filmstrip Background Picker introduced. Enhance option introduced to expand tonal range levels. Background Color Picker introduced includes color tone filtering. Color controls expanded to include Hue and Saturation.

Release v1.01 (1.2.12) - Host compatibility introduced for Photoshop Lightroom (Mac/Win), Apple Aperture and Apple iPhoto (Mac Only).

Initial Release v1.0 (8.31.11) - First release of Machine Wash Deluxe plug-in filter.

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