Hey all you Hepcats!! Hope all is super groovy wherever it is you call Pad Sweet Pad! Over the next few weeks runnin head-long into the holiday season we’ll be addin heaps of new biscuits to the Mr. Retro site so I’ll be be yellin in yer ear like Paul Revere!! Don’t run for cover, man…plant your feet and dig the beat!!

We're pleased to announce that all of our fine Photoshop Plug-ins are now fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2019! Over the last few months, as authorized developers of plug-ins with Adobe we have been testing and re-testing every plug-in we offer and they all pass with flying colors!

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Hey all you frantic ones! Go easy on me…I’m still tryin to dry out my rum-soaked noggin from last weekends Tiki Oasis in San Diego!! That gig was a real knee-slappin barn-burner! It was great swiggin joy juice and diggin the reunion routine with all my west-coast tiki chums!! Here’s a few snaps of the koo koo nuttiness….

Howdy all you corn-fed cuzzins! Just droppin a little reminder on you cats….The Tiki Oasis is this comin’ weekend! I’ll be jettin west for the gig in a few quick cliks of the clock….If you plan on fallin in, you gotta track me down and share a swig of joy juice with me! Don’t be makin’ with the bashful bit….what with all the hillbilly inbreedin…we’s probably related!

Howdy Hepcats! Toss a little Yee-Haw in with the Aloha!! The Tiki Oasis in San Diego is in the not too distant….( Aug 15 thru 18 )…and since this year’s theme is Hulabilly, I’ll shorely be droppin in on the hoedown that’s fixin to go down!! It’s guaranteed to be corn-fed crazy with a heapin helpin of kickapoo joy juice!! Throw a blanket over Bessie or hitch a mess of mules to the nearest buggy….this one is gonna be slicker than deer guts on a doorknob!

Howdy Summertime Swingers!! I don’t know where the mercury sits on your thermo-meter but mine’s plum about busted thru the tip-top, Pop! I gots to wear 2 pairs of kicks so’s I don’t scorch my little pigs on the blacktop, man! It’s so hot so early here I’ve gone to storin my skivvies in the icebox just so’s my niblets don’t catch flame!