Snappy Hour

Q: What are the usage restrictions of your vector images?
A: The Mister Retro Vector Images are royalty free EXCEPT for the following applications: 

Product for sale, Logo Design, Retail Packaging/Point of Sale Display, and applications over 500,000 impressions. Web use is unrestricted in applications under 150 x 150 pixels. Applications over this size will be priced on an individual basis. Please contact us if your usage extends beyond these restrictions. Click here if you wish to review the Snappy Hour Vector Images End User License Agreement. 

Q: Can I download the file again?
A: If you need to redownload a file, check your receipt that was e-mailed to you. On this receipt you will see a link and instructions on how to re-download. If you still have trouble downloading, simply log-in to your account using the information e-mailed to you at the time of your original purchase to access the file download again. If you continue to have trouble accessing your file(s), please email us with your order number, and we'll send you another download link.

Q: What do I do with the file I've just downloaded?
A: Our files are compressed in zip archives, for safe travel over the internet. Your computer will decompress it to a folder automatically. If not, you will need to extract the .zip file manually either by double clicking the file or for Windows users right clicking the file and selecting the Extract All option.

Once you do this, a directory will appear on your computer, with the vector images inside. If you cannot find this directory, try doing a search for the name of the volume. For example, if you've unzipped a file called "," a search for "snappy" should locate the directory.

Q: Are your vector images Mac and Windows compatible?
A: Yes, you image formats cross-compatible with both operating system types. 

Q: What graphic format/resolution are they saved in?
A: Mac and Windows users will receive the files in both Adobe Illustrator EPS format and WMF file format (preferred by most Microsoft Office applications). These are both vector image formats, which means they are resolution independent, and will retain their sharpness and quality, regardless of what size you use them at. Unlike bitmap formats (such as JPEG and TIFF) where resolution affects output quality, our vector images print perfectly at any size.

Q: I have Windows, should I use EPS or WMF?
A: Use EPS if you have a Postscript compatible printer. If you don't have one, or if you're not sure, try WMF. 

EPS is a Postscript format that is the preferred way to store our type of vector images. But in Windows, Postscript has not been as well supported as on Macs, although that is changing. Without Postscript compatible software or printers, EPS graphics may not display and print properly. So to alleviate this problem, we also save our files in WMF format, which is a common Windows format that does not rely on Postscript. 

The difference in output between EPS and WMF graphics to laser or inkjet printers is unnoticeable. But if you plan to send your files to a service bureau or print shop for output, EPS format should be used. 

Q: Why can't I open a vector image by double-clicking on it?
A: Because you may not have a program assigned to open these types of graphic files, so must access the vector images from within the program you are using. If you are using a graphics program, the command is usually "file-open," and then select the image you want. For other programs, especially page layout and word processing programs, the command is usually "file-place, file-insert, insert-picture, get-picture" or something similar. Consult your software manual's section on how to use graphic files for more detailed information. 

Q: Can I purchase single images from the collection?
A: That's like stopping at one potato chip! You can't have just one, that's why we've created an entire image collection for you to enjoy and use. The images are sold as a set only. 

Q: Do you do custom work?
A: Occasionally we do! Submit a custom work request for Derek here. Otherwise contact us if you'd like to use one of our images for a logo or on a product for resale.