Wildsville Book & Serigraph

It's BACK! The collected works of our own Derek Yaniger PLUS a collectable digital 10" x 8.5" print all in one! You'll love this amazing 112 page hardcover art book and for 20 lucky folks, an original Derek sketch will be included at random! Only 100 are available in this special limited edition set. So get yours NOW!

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Derek Yaniger is a toothless hillbilly. Born in the backwoods of Arkansas, he was raised on little more than pork rinds and corn squeezins. Derek still resides in the south, in Atlanta, Georgia.

These days, when he's not runnin' shine with his pappy, he's paintin' purty pictures for big bucks. Over the past 18 years he's worked for such high-falootin' clients as Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network. Nowadays, Derek's illustration style, reminiscent of cocktail napkin art of the 50's, can be seen in such magazines as Atomic, Barracuda and Car Kulture Deluxe.

Hard to believe, but Derek Yaniger has sold more illustrations to more satisfied clients than Elvis and the Beatles...COMBINED!!