Warrior Victory Goblet

On a remote jungle island in the Pacific there exists a people known as the Oop-Pop-a-Da tribe. The warriors in this tribe are so fierce, so savage that every full moon they will battle each other to the death just for the privilege of drinking from the Warrior Victory Goblet (aka The Victor)!

Ancient tribal lore has it that he who drinks from the goblet shall be rewarded with power and riches beyond imagination! ( your results may vary )

Now you too have the rare opportunity to drink from this mug, without all the tiresome club wielding and risk of bludgeoning! Show no mercy and take no prisoners as you claw your way to the winners circle and drink in the sweet nectar of triumph!! Toast your bloodthirsty rise to power with your very own Warrior Victory Goblet!

To the Victor Go the Spoils! . . . Also makes a handy place to drop your keys n' pocket change after a hectic day of pillaging!

The mug is signed by the artist Derek Yaniger and measures 7" tall and holds 17oz. A great collectible for any art, tiki, or hot rod fan. Get yours today! ONLY 10 REMAIN!

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