Mai Tai Machine Set

Legend has it that somewhere in the deep dark forgotten jungles of the Hawaiian islands stands an ancient machine built by a tribe of mischievous menehunes! Explorers the world over have combed the jungles for years in search of this archeological treasure! Once a thing of myth, mystery and legend, it can now be yours! Introducing, from the rum-soaked mind of artist Derek Yaniger and the skilled artisans at Tiki Farm...It's The Marvelous Mai-Tai Machine!

Be a smash at your next tiki bash! Wow every tiki nut in your tiki hut when you serve your delicious mai-tais in this incredible pitcher and mug set which comes complete with a generous one-of-a-kind 38oz decanter and four 14oz mugs to  sample your creation with your tribe! We're releasing this super limited edition set with an ORIGINAL Derek sketch! Act now, ONLY 10 available!

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