Let's Learn About Spot Wash : Dirt


Welcome to Spot Wash : Dirt! Now you can create professional quality weathering, surface and tactile effects on any image in Adobe Photoshop and compatibles. This manual explains how to install and get the most out of your new software and provides an overview of all Spot Wash : Dirt features.


Our Machine Wash Deluxe plug-in was originally created to give a dimensional tactile look popular in the apparel industry by eroding textures from layered graphical designs. It was an instant hit.

While our customers always appreciated the wide variety of textures and options Machine Wash Deluxe allowed, we approached Spot Wash : Dirt with a more singular focus. We wanted to take the best aspects of Machine Wash Deluxe and created a more streamlined plug-in focused solely on creating gritty dirt wash effects.

To take that further, we've created more graphical contemporary wash textures and added a new dithering feature that perfectly complements them! As you reduce coverage area or edge distance of the wash textures, you'll see how this amazing new graphical dithering look creates authentic and convincing edge effects when you want to simulate genuine letterpressed, unevenly eroded or more naturally weathered looks!

Let's Get Started!

Spot Wash : Dirt has so many amazing effects, we recommend spending a few minutes with this manual before you get started to make the most of this plug-in. Our manual will give you all the tools you need to understand how Spot Wash : Dirt works, so let's get started!

If you haven't yet installed and activated Spot Wash : Dirt, click here!

If you've already installed Spot Wash : Dirt and are ready to get going, click here to get familiar with the User Interface.