Let's Learn About Light Leaker


Welcome to Light Leaker! Now you can add authentic light leaks to any photograph in Adobe Photoshop and compatibles. This manual explains how to install and get the most out of your new software and provides an overview of every Light Leaker feature.


When we created Light Leaker we approached it with a singular goal in mind: Create the most authentic and realistic photographic light leaks possible!

As we looked around, we were shocked to find there were so many cheap light leak effects on the market that just looked like blurry patches that lacked detail or accurate coloration.

To understand what makes a light leak look good, it's important to understand how they occur.

Camera film loves the dark and when properly exposed it makes perfectly crisp, clear and wonderful images.

Enter the light leak . . .

Light leaks occur when an older camera body or film compartment becomes loose and small rays of sunlight seep into the seams and holes and expose the film in the camera before a picture is taken.

What would normally have been a photographers worst nightmare became something of a happy accident that actually creates an image with more life, vibrancy and in fact something desired by photographers! This gave rise to lomography, an entire genre of photography dedicated to creating the perfect light leak composition using vintage Holga Lomo cameras.

We discovered it wasn't just the camera alone that made these amazing light leaks but it was a combination of the camera, the film and the way the sunlight leaked into the camera.

Not only did we research a vast collection of vintage photography to study the patterns light leaks occur, but we also studied how the emulsion of the film responds to double exposures and how it was typically processed to reveal the film grain in a different way when it had been overexposed.

We also looked at what conditions made the best light leaks and looked at a wide variety of photographic styles ranging from bokeh to double and triple exposed light leaks till we understood what makes the perfect light leak.

Once we knew how to create perfect light leaks, we wanted to make a plug-in that was easy to use and offered a huge variety of looks. What we ended up with really knocked our socks off and we couldn't believe how convincing the result was and how simple it was to create it!

Let's Get Started!

Light Leaker has so many amazing looks, we recommend spending a few minutes with this manual before you get started to make the most of this plug-in. Our manual will give you all the tools you need to understand how Light Leaker works, so let's get started!

If you haven't yet installed and activated Light Leaker, click here!

If you've already installed Light Leaker and are ready to get going, click here to get familiar with the User Interface.